About Us

Who are we?

We are a team of dynamic and multi-ethnic professionals who love what they do. Smiley Digita was started in 2013 by the founder and CEO Rita Kotecha. Her vision for combining digital marketing and IT services made Smiley Digita an instant hit. Since then our company has climbed one ladder after another and achieved one milestone after the other. We take pride in what we do. It is not just a business for us it is life style.

Why are we Unique?

We have a staff of 13 awesome people who hail from different parts of the world such as Asia, North Africa and London. Having people from such different backgrounds and cultures gives us a unique edge. Our professionals are able to think from vastly different point of view and bring unique ideas and solutions to the table. Cooperation among our staff has always helped us in coming up with awesome ideas and out of the box solutions to any problem.

Why give us a try?

We provide Digital Marketing and IT services under one roof and we do it with utter professionalism. Every single one of our team member is an expert in their respective field. There are many competitors in the market that offer the same services but the sheer scale and precision offered by us is yet to be found. Our client satisfaction rates are 100% and this is something we can take pride in. You have to try our services to know what we offer.

Our team loves the challenge and the creativity of the work keeps the drum beating of nimble and empowers us to experiment and challenge the norm. When you work with us, you become part of our clientelle. Your product becomes our product, your success makes us proud to be part of it.

Meet our Marketing and Design Team members

Ben Zouaoui

Sikaal Khadraoui

Debsa Dabboussi


Malith K

Meet our IT Team