About CEO – Rita Kotecha

CEO of Smiley Digita, founded in 2013. A Digital Marketing and IT Agency, based in London, UK.

My major role is to help clients reach potential heights in their businesses, converting leads to sales, hence income in order to create financial independence, build a brand and create success stories that will inspire others to dream again.

The vision of a CEO is always reflected through the company’s performance, and this is the reason why Smiley Digita has been much successful in the field of Online Marketing, with a strong determination and positive approach.

An expert in Social Media Branding, Marketing, Sales, Influencing and Relationship Building. I have successfully helped 100’s of others to succeed in various online endeavours, through the many skills developed thru my online journey and met some absolutely amazing people who have added so much value to me, not only into my business life but also has helped me develop personally.

The entrepreneurial world has made me discover my now passion – Personal Development, Ongoing Improvement of the Spiritual, Mental and Physical aspect of my life, hence leading life with abundance in health, mind and soul.

It is my business to stay aware of all the latest trends in my field desiring to be the best of the best in the cutting edge of Internet Marketing, hence the Educations, Learning and Leadership Industry and knowing where my skills are needed within the Wealth Creation Industry. I look to partner with like-minded individuals to achieve goals.

Honesty And Grounding. Delivering With The Right Intentions And No Strings Attached Will Not Only Attract More Leaders But What A Way To Go With Attraction Marketing.