“I opened up my eyes!!!!!!!

The founder of Smiley Digita after leaving her Corporate Job to look after her sick mum who was a Parkinson’s patient of 18 years.

Many a time the challenges of Parkinson’s left her to find providers of help and service within the Health Industry, however, didn’t have a clue where to start!

The problems that she discovered in this process was that many organisations do not have an online presence; which opened up a can of worms. After much digging, she realised that even small businesses, who although represent a very high percentage, say of around 98% of the European economy, most of them still in this day and age do not have a meaningful online presence. Even though 86% of consumers now resort to search engines or their research or even before they make a purchase.

With her mum’s condition getting progressively worst, going back to work was never an option but ambition was “oozing” through her vains so she needed to become active in some way and to create some income online. She decided to educate businesses and provide immense value to help them get online and create a whole infrastructure to support it and become credible in the Digital Age.

With the recent decease of her father; from that journey, has left a massive impact on her spiritual journey of providing a value added service which is to create good karma of helping out and making a difference in this world by leaving a trademark of materials that her clients and customers can follow a blueprint of to become successful.